Overview of Jacks or Better Video Poker

Jacks or Better is one of the impressive video poker games that is powered by NetEnt. You will find this video in most NetEnt casinos online. The video poker feature high-quality graphics that players will enjoy. Additionally, players will find this game simple to play. For players to have a better gaming experience, the settings of the game can be adjusted to suit the player's preference. In this video poker, a card deck that contains no wild is used. The maximum bet you can place in this game is dependent on the number of hands you choose to play. Check out 1netentcasino.org for more.

How to Play the Game?

When you want to play the Jacks or Better video poker, you will be required to choose between 1, 5, 10, 15 or 25 hands at once. Players should note that when we talk of payouts, the highest hand comes with the biggest payout. And in the case of this video poker, the 25 hands payout the most. Before the commencement of the game, the player will receive 5 cards. And these five cards will be shown on the game screen. When the cards contain a winning cards, it will be held automatically for you. You can check out https://www.heelpainrelief.net for more.

On the other hand, if it doesn't have a winning cards, it won't be kept automatically for you. However, players can decide to either discard or keep the hand. After that, the player can click the draw button, and a new card will be dealt in place of the card that was discarded. The rules of the game are straightforward. So, players will find it easy to understand. In Jacks or Better, when the player has been dealt with his cards, they are required to choose from the various kinds of poker hand available. These include Straight Flush, Two Pairs, Full House, Two of a Kind, etc.

What is Betting Rules and Special Feature?

In Jacks or Better, the game paytable varies depending on the bet size that the player place. However, the coin size won't change. When playing this video poker, you can choose the bet level between one and five. If you wish to raise your bet range, you can make use of the coin size option. The betting range is from a minimum of $0.05 to maximum of $25. If you wish to stake the highest bet in the game, you can use the Max Bet option. In this game, you will also come across a special game feature that makes the game more rewarding.

  • Before you play the game, it will make sense if you try the demo version of the video poker. This will allow you to understand the game well.
  • The backdrop of the video poker is placed on a city at night.
  • The video poker paytable can be seen at the top of the screen

Additionally, the special game feature is known as Gamble. In this game, players can choose to gamble or go with their winnings. However, the gamble can also be set to automatic in the game settings. If you want to play this game round, once you have won, the gamble button will appear. Hit the button to enter the game. When you hit the gamble button, you will be taken to another screen. On this screen, a card will be shown to you facing down. What you need to do is to determine if the color of the card will either be Black or Red when it faces up.

What is Betting Rules and Special Feature? - Additional Information

Additionally, during the gamble features, you can also determine what the card suit will be. This will give you better chances to increase your winnings. In the gamble round, you can play 5 times. However, players should note that if they predict wrongly, they will lose their money. But, if they predict the colour of the card correctly, their winnings will be multiplied by 2. Additionally, when you choose the right suit in your prediction, you will get 4x your winnings. If you enjoy playing table games at home, then you should consider this Jacks or Better video poker. Check out any NetEnt online casinos.